Nigeria lady says she is proud of being a food seller's daughter |
Nigeria lady says she is proud of being a food seller’s daughter

A beautiful light skinned lady, Helen Rhyne has gotten praises from social media users after she proudly flaunted the fact that her mum is a food seller.

In a TikTok video, she was captured pushing a truck of food and admitted that her mother has been selling food for years.

Helen shared that she is a proud daughter of a cook and her mum has been selling food since her and her siblings were young,

The young woman mentioned that her mum has a shop but she decided to help her on that day by pushing her truck loaded with food to different houses so they can earn more.

Reactions: You for only wear pant

The video had many people praising the young lady. While some prayed and praised her for being proud of what her mother does, others were more worried about her shorts. See some comments below;

@Fatima 💕🤗🤗😊: My mum used to sell food back in 2017-2021 Allahamdulilah I stopped her for one year now 🥰 that woman don too suffer Abeg 🥰 mama rest

@prohetress Amara okeke: i love you more testimony more connection more blessings more important in the world more money

@JBM30bg: you for wear only pant na

@user36312313380755: i believe your food will be palatable,just like you are beautiful?

@GERALD: indeed I love u mom but duagther wen next u are uploading a video try put on a decent short dear

@👑EⓂ️Ⓜ️Y 🤴🏼 SⓂ️🅰️RT👑: I be your mom costumer sha😮‍💨😮‍💨🤌🏽

@SunnyOmo# Irish: Nice one. pls try dres decent like Africa lady. God bless you 🥰


A proud daughter of a food seller ✌️TikTok please dont bring this down🙏🙏#fyp

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Caterer bounces back after pot of food pours in event

Meanwhile, on Instagram, many people were heartbroken after watching a video of a caterer’s mishap with the meals he was in charge of cooking.

The caterer and her team were preparing delicacies for an event when the pot cracked and spilt all the meal. All the mealwasted and could not be delivered.

At 2:51 pm, tragedy befell her as she had to deliver meal to an event in Ikeja by 7 pm. The menu consisted of 200 croaker fish, moi moi, jollof rice, fried rice, and salad. Regrettably, she wasted the jollof rice, the first meal she was preparing.