Netizens who watched the photo compilation on TikTok claimed that the bump looked like a big orange fruit.

The video has since gone viral with many netizens wishing to also birth twins while others just expressed their shock over the size of her baby bump.

@nkay_mimi reacted: “Congratulations I tap into your blessings.”

@darcybcarter said: “You’re so blessed please love them precious babies with everything in you.”

@daisypearls12 stated: “I was like ain’t no way there’s only one baby in that belly, congratulations to you.”

@julietkassy1 reacted: “Now no be small thing ooo chiaa dis God is wonderful. Congratulations dear.”

@greaterglory11 wrote: “Congratulations. I tap from your blessing in Jesus name amen amen.”

Watch the video below:

Watch the video below: