The young woman claimed that she earns N150,000 every day by washing cars for customers. She announced this on her social media page in response to complaints from Nigerians that there are no jobs in the country.

Anita posted pictures of herself washing a parked car’s tire even though she wasn’t wearing a uniform or dressing in a way that suggested she worked at a car wash.

She wrote;

“I make 150k a day through a car wash. (lucrative business). Don’t say there’s no work in Naija o.
You can create work for yourself…Don’t be lazy!!!”

Social media users called her out, arguing that it was impossible for her to make so much money just washing vehicles.

Read some comments:

@princejuuu1 wrote: “Which kind mumu lie”
@Teslim wrote: “Well that’s small. I charge $30k for regular customers. Eeniiikureee”
@Amani wrote: “This one they wash hee papa car 🚘 she say she they make 150k a day. Weldon ooo”