Nollywood actor and survivor of the boat accident, Tochukwu has narrated how the boat carrying Junior Pope and other crew members capsized.

Recall that it was reported that Junior Pope and some other actors and crew members were engaged in an accident on the River Niger which has claimed about 5 lives.

One of the survivors of the boat accident, actor TC has come out to narrate what happened before the boat capsized.

Tochukwu disclosed that before they started the journey, he poured libation using the soft drink “Fanta” before he stepped into the boat.

According to him, when they were traveling on the river, none of the crew members were in life jackets except for the producer and director.

He disclosed that the boat driver was listening to music as he had an earpiece in his ear and was not concentrating. He disclosed how their boat clashed with another boat and the boat capsized.

Watch the video below;